Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts

Horse trainer, Join-Up Concept Founder, Honorary Ph.D.

Monty Roberts is renowned for his horse training abilities across disciplines. Known for his New York Times bestselling autobiography, The Man Who Listens to Horses, Monty started a revolution over 20 years ago in horse training, away from the traditional methods of ‘breaking’ horses. He received an MVO from Queen Elizabeth II for his work with horses and humans together. Monty continues to tour the world today demonstrating concepts using the nature of horses to get breakthrough results in training and better ways to partner with our equine friends.

Favorite Quote:

“A good horse trainer can get a horse to do what he wants him to do. A great trainer can get a horse to want to do it.”

Monty Roberts with Christie Kappert

Monty Roberts Panel & Q&A

How Horses Teach Us and Transform Our Lives

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To equip people interested in taking our mutual concepts home with them to start a new path, or improve the one they are on. How will what the horses teach us, be transformational in the students’ lives after they leave Flag Is Up Farms, touched by the presenters?


Evening Awards Dinner at the Roberts Hacienda

Roberts Hacienda

Farm to Table dinner celebrating accomplishments in Horse Training, Equestrian Art and Equestrian Film